‘American Center’ opposes amnesty

It’s disappointing that President Obama wants to force an amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress, even though a new NBC News poll shows that a majority of the American people — the so-called American center — opposes this. I hope you will take the results of this poll to heart and share it with your colleagues.
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Don’t make Garcia’s mistake

Yesterday, Rep. Joe Garcia went on a Google+ forum to discuss H.R. 15, the Democrat’s amnesty legislation. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was unaware that the legislation would increase unemployment and decrease wages for American workers. I hope you will not make Rep. Garcia’s mistake of sponsoring this legislation.
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Listen to Chris Crane

I wanted to make sure you knew that ICE Union head Chris Crane wrote to American business leaders after they met with Pres. Obama at the White House and let them know that their support for comprehensive immigration reform has profoundly negative effects for our nation and for the American people. I hope you will take his comments to heart and make sure amnesty doesn’t reach President Obama’s desk.

Mr. Crane makes it clear that public safety will suffer if this legislation is passed:

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