Fight income inequality: Oppose further immigration

I believe you need to help President Obama to fight income inequality by reducing the future flow of foreign citizens given green cards and lifetime work permits.

Sen. Jeff Sessions is right to point out that low-skilled immigration is driving low-skilled American workers out of the workforce:

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Boehner was wrong to hire Rebecca Tallent

I am deeply disturbed that Speaker Boehner has hired a former McCain immigration advisor and chief of staff to be his immigration legislative advisor. Her hiring is a clear sign that he intends to push for amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform in 2014. She worked on amnesty for Sen. McCain and previously worked for the pro-amnesty Bipartisan Policy Center. Please keep this in mind when dealing with the speaker on immigration issues.
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Signal your opposition to ‘immigration reform’

Republican pro-amnesty Representatives are circulating a letter urging the House Republican leadership to support comprehensive immigration. I urge you not to sign this letter. Signing this letter will give President Obama a hope because comprehensive immigration reform is one of his biggest policy goals and would include and amnesty for illegal aliens.
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No more foreign workers

It is disappointing that so many Americans are out of work. This is exactly the reason that Americans4work was founded — to help Americans get back into jobs. This non-partisan organization recently hosted its first event at the National Press Club and its list of speakers was impressive. After listening to the speakers, it became clear that high levels of immigration is one of the root causes of the jobs crisis we are currently experiencing.
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