Most Americans are concerned about the rapid conversion of America’s farmland and natural habitat to handle a rising tide of people fleeing more-crowded countries and states. Polling finds that most voters want this slowed down or stopped altogether. As a Member of Congress, you can help with this.

During 2001 to 2016, 11 million acres of farmland and ranchland were converted to highly developed and residential land use. Given the nation’s expanding population, the American Farmland Trust claims that America is on track to lose an additional 18 million acres of agricultural land by 2040.

A recent study concluded that roughly 70% of the land loss was caused by America’s population growth which, due to today’s high immigration rates, is almost entirely driven by the federal immigration policy you, as a Member of Congress, control.

We urge you to work toward fulfilling the desire of the majority of American citizens for sensible immigration limits that can be one of many local, state, and federal actions necessary to slow down and stop further urbanization of our farmland and natural habitat.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders. Stop the influx of immigrants and refugees. Implement the Congressionally-mandated biometric entry/exit system. Evict those here illegally. End chain migration. End birthright citizenship. End the visa lottery. End amnesty. End asylum. End catch-and-release. Make E-Verify mandatory. And more! Illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction!