Population growth is producing sprawl throughout the United States and I urge you to work with your colleagues to address this by reducing immigration.

Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour reported on how cherished farmland in a North Carolina community is quickly turning into “commercial distribution centers, housing developments, and public roads.”

It is troubling how most of America’s lost farmland and nature is due to the exploding population driven entirely by federal immigration policy. Recent polling shows that American voters overwhelmingly want either much slower population growth or none at all. I am one of them.

I see how sprawl is negatively affecting communities throughout the United States, including my home. I ask that you contact me to talk about reducing immigration to end this trend.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders. Stop the influx of immigrants and refugees. Implement the Congressionally-mandated biometric entry/exit system. Evict those here illegally. End chain migration. End birthright citizenship. End the visa lottery. End amnesty. End asylum. End catch-and-release. Make E-Verify mandatory. And more! Illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction!