There should be no immigration expansions in lame-duck session amid slowing economy.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer this week called for amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., stating that “Now more than ever, we’re short of workers …”

Schumer’s claim of a workers shortage is particularly dubious as economists point to a slowed-down U.S. economy and the media cites significant layoffs and hiring freezes, most notable in tech industries.

Economists and journalists have long exposed the ways tech companies take advantage of the H-1B visa programs while bypassing American talent.

Please work with your colleagues to limit visas and chain migration.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders. Stop the influx of immigrants and refugees. Implement the Congressionally-mandated biometric entry/exit system. Evict those here illegally. End chain migration. End birthright citizenship. End the visa lottery. End amnesty. End asylum. End catch-and-release. Make E-Verify mandatory. And more! Illegal immigration is a weapon of mass destruction!