Florida is now America’s third most populated state at 21 million people (2020). Last week the state was, once again, set upon by a massive hurricane — Hurricane Ian. This was Florida’s most costly storm ever, with storm-related costs estimated at $66 billion in property damage, and almost 100 deaths. It’s simple — more people mean more houses and infrastructure, which makes hurricanes more costly and destructive.

When will all this growth slow down? Population growth is mostly a government choice at this point, with immigration accounting for the majority (90%) of U.S. population growth. At today’s rate, the Census Bureau predicts that America will add almost 75 million people by 2060. Such a huge population increase will also increase the risks from hurricanes.

We need leaders like you to change our course from constant property destruction and rebuilding from extreme weather events, which only get worse with population growth. Please work to eliminate chain migration and reduce America’s immigration rates.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA