Pres. Obama issued the unlawful DACA executive amnesty more than a decade ago, and currently, more than 600,000 illegal aliens hold a work permit and legal status as a result. While a federal appellate court said earlier this month that DACA was unlawful, it’s also allowing the Biden Administration to continue renewing applications for existing DACA holders while the case continues to be reviewed.

The Fifth Circuit’s ruling prompted calls for Congress to pass the Dream Act amnesty during the upcoming lame-duck session. But not only is there no need for Congress to act since existing DACA amnesty recipients can keep their status, but Congress also should not consider passing any amnesties while the Biden Administration continues to ignore the record-level number of illegal border crossings at the Southwest border.

Congress should instead focus on reinstating Remain in Mexico, strengthening the credible fear process to reduce fraudulent asylum claims, and ending the Biden Administration’s abuse of advanced parole during the lame-duck session.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders and evict all those currently here illegally!