Democratic cities are being overwhelmed with migrants.

Democratic-led El Paso, Texas is responding to record crossing at the border by also sending buses of migrants to New York City. El Paso Matters reports:

“Nearly 1,000 migrants have been released to the streets since last week, officials with the El Paso sector of the U.S. Border Patrol confirmed Monday. Among them was a group of 300 released Saturday, with many more expected over the coming days.

“All the while, 25 charter buses carrying 1,135 migrants have been sent to New York City since Aug. 23 by the El Paso City-County Office of Emergency Management, officials said, adding that they’ll keep busing migrants as long as needed.”

Low-income Americans now have to compete with the migrants for shelter, jobs and resources. Please end asylum abuse by clarifying that an alien is ineligible for asylum in the U.S. if they traversed a safe third country.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. No more immigrants. No more refugees. No more asylum-seekers. Secure the border, eject those already here illegally, and see how much better things will be in 60 years.