Washington Post writer Catherine Rampell writes in her column, “The myth of the manufacturing comeback,” about the future of dwindling job prospects in American manufacturing:

“… [I]t is risky to count on a supposed manufacturing comeback to power a jobs boom in the years ahead. Building more physical ‘things’ in this country does not guarantee huge job growth, much less ‘bottom-up’ job growth.

That’s true even if we invest in manufacturing the technologies of ‘the future,’ as Biden frames it. In fact, as the country transitions to electric vehicles, employment in the U.S. auto manufacturing industry is likely to shrink …”

More than ever, Congress needs to ensure that manufacturing jobs for the U.S. workforce are not undermined through reckless immigration policy.

Your support for E-Verify is crucial so that the U.S. workforce reaps the benefits of American manufacturing and not exploitative and unscrupulous employers.

Please work with your colleagues to support U.S. workers and pass E-Verify. In addition, as the Barbara Jordan Commission under Clinton envisioned, ending chain migration will also help ensure that there are well-paid U.S. manufacturing jobs for our workers.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA