The EB-5 visa program is full of fraud. I was disappointed by your omnibus vote.

I wish you would have stood up for American workers and voted NO on the omnibus spending bill. Immigration policy shouldn’t be hidden in an omnibus bill and passed without debate, which is exactly what happened.

I am very upset that the omnibus spending bill is being used to increase H-2B visas to depress American wages and make it more difficult for jobless Americans to find work. H-2B visas are designed to cut American job prospects while exploiting foreign workers.

In its report “Claims of labor shortages in H-2B industries don’t hold up to scrutiny” released March 2021, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) wrote that:

”[T]he H-2B visa program is flawed. H-2B — like other temporary work visas programs — is rife with abuse and in desperate need of reform … And the program’s current rules make it easy for employers to game the system when it comes to recruiting unemployed workers, calling into question the credibility of the program.”

I wish you would have done the right thing and opposed the H-2B visa expansions in the omnibus.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA