Population stabilization will bring us a sustainable future.

Our media has been slow to grasp that America, and the world, are entering its post-growth period. It’s becoming increasingly more apparent that the infinite-growth paradigm closely resembles a Ponzi scheme. If we stay on this course then our nation will certainly crash, like all Ponzi schemes.

One of the most outdated public policies is to raise immigration rates so that the “work pyramid” and the economy keep growing. But this is no longer true — the American economy is now plagued by stagnating incomes, lack of social mobility, income inequality, and the decline of the middle class. High rates of immigration aggravate every one of these problems.

We can no longer afford to ignore the impact that our high immigration rates are having on America’s workers and the environment. We need leaders like you to change course from our relentless and unsustainable population growth. Please work with Congress to eliminate chain migration and reduce America’s immigration rates.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA