Time, fuel, and patience get burned while waiting in traffic.

Americans are getting suffocated by traffic, yet no one seems to be acknowledging that our nation’s population growth is what’s making traffic congestion increasingly worse. What used to be low-traffic trips that you could count on, e.g., weekend days, trips to the beach, or national parks, have now become the familiar struggle through congested highways with significant delays.

As our nation’s traffic jams worsen, more and more Americans are struggling with missed work time and lost productivity, longer response times for emergency vehicles, excess consumption of fossil fuels, higher carbon emissions, decreased freedom of movement, and higher rates of roadkill. We can no longer ignore the negative impacts of population growth, 90% of which is driven by immigration.

We need leaders who will protect America’s transportation network and resolve our growing traffic problems by addressing our unsustainable population growth. Please work with Congress to eliminate chain migration and reduce America’s immigration rates.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. TomTom, a global leader in traffic navigation products, has released their Annual Traffic Index, which indicates that in 2021, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami had the worst traffic congestion in the country.