In August, federal officials announced first-time cuts in water deliveries from the Colorado River to Arizona and Nevada. All while the population drawing upon the River is booming, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune (10/7/21). Arizona, Colorado, and California gained 3.8 million people between 2010 and 2020. Nevada and Utah grew by almost a million. Yet the Census Bureau predicts America’s population will grow by another 75 million in the next 40 years, with roughly 90% of that attributable to unchecked immigration.

America must confront water shortages like these by reckoning with its population growth. As President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development recommended, Americans must strive to “stabilize the U.S. population” to preserve a quality environment in which people can thrive for the foreseeable future.

We need leaders like you to change our nation’s course from depleting limited resources to a future where the well-being of Americans is protected. Please don’t make things worse by adding immigration increases and rewards for illegal immigration to the budget reconciliation.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Secure our borders and evict those already here illegally.