I stand with FPC and I am writing to you today to express my opposition to California AB-311, a bill that would make participation in free trade and free association even more difficult, and without any real benefit.

The premise of AB-311 is to stymy the ability of vendors to deal in what are known as “firearms precursor parts.” Under existing law, vendors must already obtain a license to sell these items to the public. If AB-311 is successfully implemented, it would preclude vendors from engaging in the lawful sale of these parts at other public locations. Anyone in violation of the new law would be disenfranchised from their right to freely associate with others as it would preclude them from even being present at these locations for at least one year.

Free association is one of the cornerstones of our Republic. While from the perspective of some, and under very certain circumstances, it may be desirable to limit association as it applies to criminal behavior, such restrictions have always been frowned upon, from the time of our Nation’s founding to today.

By banning the lawful sale of firearms precursor parts by licensed vendors, the Assembly must also logically come to the following conclusion: the underlying, mandatory licensure for these types of sales is generally ineffective to begin with because the materials used to construct precursor parts cannot be regulated by their very nature. By removing the ability of licensed vendors to sell these products, the Assembly would be removing a lawful channel of commerce, a decision which historically has lent to the creation of black markets. If the Assembly believes that licensing has an actual impact on the ability of individuals to obtain the products in question, it should permit licensees to engage in lawful commerce both in their shops and at these events.

AB-311 creates criminal activity rather than discouraging it, and serves no purpose other than as a barrier to the exercise of constitutionally-protected rights. For all of these reasons I respectfully urge you to join me in opposing AB-311.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA