Please vote against H.R. 1333 and H.R. 1573 next week

I hope you will vote against H.R. 1333, the No BAN Act, and H.R. 1573, the Access to Counsel Act, when the House considers them next week. H.R. 1333 would make it increasingly more difficult for the president to pause immigration when it would serve the national interest, including those targeting nations with high incidences of COVID-19. I believe the government should be allowed to prevent individuals from entering the United States if their presence puts Americans in danger.

The second bill scheduled to receive a vote next week, H.R. 1573, would clog our immigration system and make it far more difficult to deny entry to foreign nationals who have no right to enter the United States. This legislation’s purpose is to grind our immigration system to a halt so that removing a foreign national is costly and time-consuming.

I hope you will oppose these two bills when they receive votes next week.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA