Gun Owners of America tells me that you voted to confirm Merrick Garland for Attorney General on Wednesday afternoon.

I find that sickening that you would vote to confirm someone who is so utterly committed to destroying the Second Amendment.

When Senator Cotton asked Garland whether the FBI can indefinitely delay firearms purchases, Garland said that he had “no opinion”!

At his Judiciary Committee hearing, Garland wouldn’t agree to keep his DOJ from trying to overturn the Heller decision. He said, “I can’t promise [that I won’t argue for overturning Heller].” (Emphasis added.) Seriously!

And regarding a semi-auto ban, Garland said, “I think the president is entitled to pursue [a ban on commonly-owned firearms].”

It defies logic as to why you would support a candidate that is so committed to tearing apart the Bill of Rights.

GOA said that they are scoring the Garland vote, which means that your grade with them just dropped.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA