You now have control of Congress. However, 20% of low-wage workers are unemployed.

Democratic officials have stated that immigration reform will be an upcoming priority, and I encourage you to ensure these reforms protect low- and middle-income working families and vulnerable populations.

Twenty percent of low-wage workers are unemployed. The position you take on the numerical level of immigration will send a powerful message to them for good or for ill.

Mass immigration leads to growing inequality and economic injustice. While adding workers to the economy means increased profits for the few, it in turn results in economic vulnerability and depressed wages for the many.

High unemployment remains pervasive. The onset of the pandemic brought forth unprecedented unemployment which persists to this day. Adding workers to our economy will only exacerbate the economic suffering of American workers and families.

Guest Worker Programs should be reduced or eliminated. It is well documented that guest worker programs increase business profits while displacing workers, depressing wages and exploiting migrant labor. The halt of guest worker programs during this pandemic has helped reduce job competition during record unemployment.

Having a just and humane immigration system is critical for our nation. At the same time, immigration policy should not run counter to enabling American workers, families, and students to sustain themselves and thrive.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA