American workers must take priority over amnesty!

In response to Resident Biden’s plan to amnesty millions of illegal aliens, Rep. Kevin McCarthy said:

“The coronavirus and government-imposed lockdowns have left millions of Americans unemployed and small businesses shut down. Our immediate national priority must be to help Americans get back to work. Instead, the first legislative priority we get from the new administration is not one aimed at lowering unemployment for Americans or reopening our economy, but a radical immigration bill granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

“Not only does it undermine our rule of law and encourage more illegal immigration, it tells our fellow Americans their misfortune isn’t our nation’s top priority. Will this proposal help Americans get back to work? Most certainly not. And until that happens, the Biden Administration must focus on helping our own citizens first.”

I agree with Minority Leader McCarthy; the United States cannot afford to give a blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Doing so would irrevocably harm jobless Americans, reward those who broke the law to come to the United States, and encourage millions more to come to the United States illegally. I hope you will follow your colleague’s example and oppose the Biden amnesty.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA