I am very disappointed that you have gone from being somewhat pro-active to being almost totally reactive. From where I sit, it seems that your successes have come from being proactive, while most of your problems come from being reactive.

For example, if your first priority had been to drain The Swamp, we would not have been subjected to years of the Russia BS, the Ukraine BS, the Mueller investigation, impeachment, etc. Instead, you added Swamp creatures to your administration and then had to react to their new activities against you.

When the Wuhan coronavirus became the next big thing to destroy us, you reacted based on the “experts,” who have changed their minds about almost everything at least once. As a result, we lost all the headway we gained under your leadership. I’ll bet Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS, etc., are thrilled to see the U.S. voluntarily sink to its knees.

Speaking of kneeling, I see that you are now reacting to the outrage of those who hate America. This will not end well. They destroy cities, pull down statues, destroy monuments, and you play along?

The only “good” news is that you can recycle each of your campaign promises from last time, but that is a leading indicator that you have morphed from a disruptive force into a typical politician.

God help us all if you don’t have the mother of all October Surprises coming.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA