Nature needs half, S.372 is just a beginning.

Stewart Udall, father to the Senator from New Mexico, argued that in order to save nature, the United States population had to stabilize, not just by natural increase but also through a reduction in net immigration.

Udall’s contemporary, the late Earth Day founder Sen. Gaylord Nelson agreed, saying “This new population boom represents a profound failure in our nation’s pursuit of environmental quality. Since 1970, another 80 million people have been added to the country. Every environmental goal has been delayed because of this failure.”

The Census Bureau projects that we will add another 80 million people by the 2060s. That’s like adding the combined populations of California, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois, New Jersey, and Maryland! Despite the worthy goals of S.Res.372, Congress appears resolved to continue its record of failure and further delay our environmental goals.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA