Anti-gun advocates are waging war against the Second Amendment, but you have the opportunity to stand up for the God-given rights of millions of Americans.

H.R. 775 and S. 202 would end the unconstitutional regulation of suppressors in the National Firearms Act and allow Americans to buy these firearm accessories without being subjected to a criminal background check just for trying to exercise their rights as the Founders intended.

Suppressors are a common firearm accessory, and even the ATF considers their regulation archaic. But unlike many other accessories, suppressors are subject to burdensome requirements that impede millions of individuals from freely exercising their Second Amendment-protected rights.

I agree with Gun Owners of America that suppressors should not be regulated as an NFA item. Period. So please SUPPORT legislation like H.R. 775 and S. 202, which would end this unconstitutional regulation and allow suppressors to be treated just like every other firearm accessory.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA