H.R. 2740 only benefits drug cartels and people traffickers — please oppose it!

I strongly urge you to vote against H.R. 2740. This spending bill would limit the federal government’s ability to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and allow the drug cartels to continue to smuggle people into the country at record levels!

H.R. 2740 provides border security funding for several Middle Eastern countries but actually prohibits the administration from spending any money from this bill or prior bills on border infrastructure. It also prohibits ICE from tracking down illegal-alien sponsors of unaccompanied alien children who cross the border illegally even if those sponsors paid the drug cartels to smuggle the children across the border.

Furthermore, it allows DACA recipients to obtain jobs in with the federal government that aren’t even open to green card holders.

While much of this spending bill has nothing to do with immigration, these provisions would significantly hamper the government’s ability to secure the border, and I urge you to vote no!

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA