Please oppose any dangerous pro-criminal amnesty, including the proposed DREAM and TPS Amnesties currently before you.

How can the House of Representatives hold votes on no-strings amnesties while there is a crisis at the southern border? The two bills being voted on, H.R. 2820 and H.R. 2821, would amnesty millions of illegal aliens, including those who have a criminal record, without taking any action to secure the borders or enforce our immigration laws. Don’t you and your colleagues understand that an amnesty would only encourage more illegal aliens to flood our borders?

Both of these pieces of legislation would allow repeat criminal offenders, including human smugglers and gang members, to receive an amnesty. Incredibly, H.R. 2821 would allow DHS to waive almost any criminal conviction an illegal alien has committed. These bills do nothing to secure our nation but do everything possible to allow dangerous criminals to remain in the country.

I hope you will vote “NO” on H.R. 2820, the DREAM Act amnesty, and H.R. 2821, the TPS amnesty. It would be a huge mistake to pass these open-ended amnesties while there is a perpetual crisis at the border.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA