Please take steps to combat border crisis.

The results of the new Washington Post/ABC News poll came as no surprise to me; I know that there is a crisis on the Southern border and Congress is doing nothing to address it. The poll shows that 80% of adults are “seriously concerned” about the situation or consider it a crisis.

The concern crosses party and ideological lines. Overall, 72% of Democrats are either seriously concerned or think it’s a crisis. Republicans are much more likely to consider the situation a crisis with 56% thinking so. Another 36% are seriously concerned about the situation. Of all registered voters, only 1% don’t see the border situation as a problem.

Americans understand there is a crisis, but Congress ignores the problem and hopes it goes away. To combat this crisis, Congress must give the Border Patrol and USCIS the tools they need. These include strengthening the credible fear standard, increasing detention space, and increasing the number of immigration judges.

I hope you will take this poll’s findings seriously and start passing legislation to address the border crisis. If Congress doesn’t act to address this crisis we will elect legislators who will.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA