Please do all you can to end the crisis on the Southern border!

Contrary to what some of your colleagues are saying, the crisis at the border is getting worse and is showing no signs of abating. An example of this is the “conveyor belt,” a new smuggling system used by the drug cartels to transport masses of Central American family units across Mexico to the U.S. border, described by the Washington Post:

“Within 72 hours of leaving the staging areas, the buses arrive at predetermined drop-off points within walking distance of the U.S. border. Migrant families are clustered into groups that have at times exceeded 300 adults and children, and they walk directly across the border, in some cases stepping over barriers in long, orderly lines. They then surrender to U.S. Border Patrol agents and initiate asylum claims.”

Immigration courts have a 300% backlog and detention centers are full, forcing ICE to release illegal aliens into the United States. The Border Patrol and USCIS simply don’t have the resources to face this organized assault on the border.

You and your colleagues must pass legislation to und more detention beds, fund more immigration judges, close the asylum loophole by strengthening the credible fear standard, and reform the credible fear standard.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA