More Americans are back to work than ever thanks to your policies — do even more by reducing legal immigration!

Your policies are creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs each month. This has caused wages for lower and middle-income to increase for the first time in decades. Discouraged workers who were previously outside the labor force are also returning to the job market. This is a big win for the American people. It is important that the 50 million discouraged American workers currently outside the labor force continue to return and take the jobs your policies creating. The best way to ensure this happens to create an immigration system that serves American workers. The U.S. brings in more than one million new foreign workers each year, which means that many of the jobs your policies are creating are going to these new foreign workers instead of jobless Americans. Reducing legal immigration numbers to sustainable levels would really help jobless Americans get back to work. Thank you for instituting pro-American worker economic policies.

Please work to reduce legal immigration so that American workers benefit the most from them.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA