Yesterday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for the beginning of his confirmation hearing for the U.S. Supreme Court. Predictably, you attempted to thwart even holding a hearing on the Judge’s nomination, rather than focusing on his record.

It’s easy to see why: Judge Kavanaugh has a long, clear history as an independent and impartial arbiter of the law. He ruled against the Republican National Committee in one campaign-finance case and in favor of a liberal pro-choice group, Emily’s List, in another. He has ruled in favor of environmentalist plaintiffs in some cases and in favor of Western landowners and coal miners in others.

He bases his rulings on the law — not politics, policy, or identity. Despite being appointed by a Republican President, Judge Kavanaugh ruled at least 23 times against Bush Administration agencies from 2006 to 2008. As a professional, he has been a leader in promoting racial equality and advancing minorities in the workplace, writing an important law review article about ending racial discrimination in jury selection.

You and his other critics know all of this, which is why you are talking about politics instead of Judge Kavanaugh’s credentials. But by the end of this week’s testimony, Americans will know the real story of his exceptional career in public service.

I again urge you to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh as our next justice of the Supreme Court.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA