I am contacting you today to give input on your upcoming appointment for a replacement for the Senate seat of John McCain.

The rumor is that you are considering McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain. I urge you not to appoint her to the seat. We do not treat elected politicians as royalty who hand down their exalted positions to whomever they choose. Neither do we (nor should we) encourage political dynasties, which is what her appointment would create.

In this case, I urge you not to reward anyone for being associated with the horrible career of Mr. McCain, which included:

  • the USS Forrestal disaster
  • his ties to a huge organized crime syndicate
  • Keating Five scandal (with McCain the worst of the bunch)
  • his affair with a lobbyist
  • his meeting with a Russian oligarch
  • the McCain–Feingold Act
  • his constant war-mongering and saber-rattling
  • his constant flip-flopping on critical issues, including border control
  • his campaigning as a conservative and governing as a liberal
  • his failure to challenge Barack Obama in 2008
  • his part in the IRS scandal targeting conservative groups
  • his long-running association with fellow swamp-creature Richard Davis, his campaign manager
  • his role in promoting the phony Russia memo, in furtherance of the Russian-collusion witch hunt
  • his anti-Trump utterances and activities

Our recommendation would be that you appoint former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is a strong supporter both of our laws and our president. Also, at his age, he won’t be able to make a career out of service in the Senate; he may be done by the end of this term, which would allow someone else to win this seat by election.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA