• Ending enforcement of immigration laws would harm vulnerable Americans the most

As we celebrate our Independence Day and the formation of our nation, it is necessary to remember that we are part of a national community and that a growing, reckless movement aims to eliminate it. A nation exists to serve and protect those who belong to it. You and your colleagues have a duty to protect our national community and ensure it remains strong. Unfortunately, some of your colleagues in Congress are catering to a lunatic fringe who want to destroy it. Specifically, these individuals have made the following demands:

  • Every person in the world who is suffering domestic abuse and who can make it into the United States should be given asylum, lifetime residency, a lifetime work permit and a pathway to become a voter in U.S. elections.
  • Any illegal alien who has a baby born inside the U.S. (with the baby currently given U.S. citizenship) should not have to go back home because that would be “separating families.”
  • Anybody who comes to the U.S. on vacation should be able to overstay their visa and take U.S. jobs the rest of their lives — as long as they don’t commit a violent crime.
  • Once citizens of other countries have lived illegally in the U.S. for several years, it is a violation of their civil rights to not give them the ability to legally vote in U.S. elections and receive government benefits.

How insane is this? Not only do these individuals want to reward and encourage the breaking of our laws (laws that are there to protect our national community), they want to sacrifice our national community and our nation’s most vulnerable. There would be no borders to protect our national community and no laws or enforcement to prevent anyone from anywhere from harming our national community. Worst of all, those most impacted by this elimination of our national community would be our nation’s most vulnerable and most in need of our support. In other words, we would be putting economic migrants ahead of less-educated and lower-skilled Americans.

I urge you to stand up for all Americans — for all members of our national community — and fight this quixotic, ill-conceived effort to eliminate our national community and sacrifice our nation’s most vulnerable.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA