Facebook and Google lied to us, and they must be stopped.

I call on Congress to stand up to these out of control Silicon Valley monopolies that steal our information and censor our voices online.

For years, they said they would protect our personal information, but they’ve stolen everything we do online and sold it to political campaigns and advertisers to abuse it. They’ve told us they would be a neutral platform, but have consistently banned, blocked, and censored conservatives online.

Congress is preparing to vote on legislation that would exempt Facebook and Google from any obligation to protect consumers online. I urge you and your colleagues to stand up to these Silicon Valley monopolies and oppose this measure.

A vote in favor of this measure — the Congressional Review Act (CRA) — is a vote in favor of allowing Facebook and Google to continue blocking and censoring content, stealing our personal information, and selling it to advertisers and politicians.

Instead, Congress should pass real consumer internet protection legislation to ensure that Facebook and Google — or any other company — cannot block and censor the content, exempt themselves from consumer protections, and abuse or manipulate user data.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

Five things you need to know about Fake Net Neutrality

  1. Fake Net Neutrality doesn’t apply to Google and Facebook.
  2. Fake Net Neutrality allows for online censorship and less transparency.
  3. Fake Net Neutrality was a result of Google’s cozy relationship with Obama.
  4. Fake Net Neutrality ignores the near-monopoly power of Google and Facebook.
  5. Congressional efforts to protect Fake Net Neutrality by passing the CRA undermine any chance of real net neutrality protections.