I oppose any and all DACA amnesties. Thus, it is vital that neither you nor your fellow Republicans bow to pressure and include a DACA amnesty in the omnibus spending bill.

Not only is this amnesty bad in and of itself, but each successive amnesty encourages the pro-illegal alien chorus to demand even larger amnesties in the future, as they have time and time again in the past. Moreover, the focus of Congress should be on making E-Verify mandatory; removing existing illegal aliens and visa over-stayers from the country; and eliminating chain migration, “refugee” resettlement, and the visa lottery.

President Trump has said previously that any DACA amnesty must end chain migration and the visa lottery and that pairing it with border security alone was not enough.

We must secure our borders, remove the bad actors who are already here, and return to the rule of law.

Logic, sanity, and your oath of office demand nothing less.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA