Roll Call reports that congressmen are considering adding the anti-gun Fix NICS bill to the annual spending bill, called the “Omnibus.”

Roll Call says that the addition of Fix NICS — and nothing else — “would face steep resistance from Senate Democrats” because gun grabbers want far more gun control. And the bill would also be strongly opposed by pro-gun conservatives in the House.

After all, Rep. Ted Budd authored a letter, cosponsored by dozens of congressmen, which told Senators that if “Fix NICS” came back from the Senate without concealed carry reciprocity, it would not be considered.

Moreover, the House leadership also promised after the passage of H.R. 38 that Fix NICS would not be considered unless reciprocity was added to it.

I stand with the 1.5 million members and supporters of Gun Owners of America who are opposed to Fix NICS … and who, instead, want to see concealed carry reciprocity and the repeal of gun-free zones.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA