Prime Minister Viktor Orbán 1357 Budapest, Pf. 6.

Your Excellency,

Mr. George Soros has made attacking Christian civilization his life’s work. His worldwide efforts along these lines have been serious and substantial.

What most do not know is that his efforts within the United States of America have been even more dangerous and effective. Where Hungary has a population of fewer than ten million souls, in the United States alone Mr. Soros has been able to destroy the funding of news agencies that have more than 40 million readers.

Mr. Soros has accomplished this by stopping all funding of these news agencies by blocking their access to payment processors as Patreon and PayPal. He has also forced the removal of advertising from these news agencies through Youtube and Google Adsense.

With over 40 million readers, these news sites are your largest defenders in the United States. Even President Donald Trump reads these news agencies’ reports.

But where there is a crisis there is also an opportunity.

Should Hungary step in to help the news agencies Soros wishes to destroy, through hosting websites on servers inside Hungary, and through payment processing via some banking mechanism linked to OTP or other banks, it would represent a huge boost for freedom worldwide.

The support of these news agencies will be a substantial financial boon to Hungary. The processing fees usually exceed 10% and thus tens of millions of dollars will flow into OTP as profit from such an endeavor, and this would be in addition to hosting fees for the websites involved.

Whatever you think of this proposal, I wish to thank you for standing up for Europe, and for western civilization.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA