I am strongly in favor of protecting the human, economic and environmental values of our desert communities. Therefore I support a Renewable Energy and Conservation Element of the General Plan that restricts utility-scale renewable energy projects to the five severely degraded areas identified by the Board of Supervisors in its February 2016 Resolution to the BLM: Amboy, El Mirage, Hinkley, Kramer Junction, and Trona.

I’m also concerned about reports that California energy producers are paying Arizona to take our renewable energy surpluses. In other words, our taxes are used to create these projects, our bills go up because the energy from these projects is more expensive, and then we are charged extra so that Arizona can get free energy. Clearly, we don’t need any more expensive, inefficient, wasteful “renewable energy” projects.

Your vote to protect our county’s precious resources and people will be greatly appreciated and long remembered.


Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA


  • Curt Hagman
  • James Ramos
  • Janice Rutherford
  • Josie Gonzales
  • Robert Lovingood