I urge you to not sign any relevant spending legislation that does not fund the border requests listed in the White House’s FY2018 proposed budget. For too long, the federal government has ignored border security, and I’m confident that the results of your request for funding would reduce illegal immigration at the border and strengthen national security.

Our country is suffering from decades of lax enforcement and it’s time that immigration laws are enforced and our border is secured. You should refuse to sign any legislation — omnibus bill, continuing resolution, or appropriations bill — that does not:

  • fund the completion of the Secure Fence Act passed by Congress in 2006;
  • increase the number of Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents so that those crossing the border illegally are caught; and
  • increase the number of detention beds so that more illegal aliens can be held until they are removed.

You ran on a platform of securing the border and ending illegal immigration. I am glad your FY2018 budget request includes these enforcement priorities, and I’m counting on you to insist that Congress provide the necessary funding.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA