Research by the National Academy of Sciences has concluded that high levels of immigration benefit businesses instead of workers and reduces wages for low-skilled and less-educated workers. Please support overall reductions in immigration numbers to protect jobs and wages for all Americans.

The National Academy of Sciences found that immigration adds a $54.2 billion net benefit to the economy, which is a minuscule 0.31% increase in income. But the report is also clear that this benefit is generated by significantly reducing the wages of workers in competition with immigrants, who tend to be the poorest and least-educated. The overall wage reduction is 5.2%, or $493.9 billion annually.

The study proves that most immigrants do not work jobs that “American’s won’t do.” The fact that Americans’ wages are harmed so much by the surplus of cheap foreign labor is proof that most immigrants work jobs — like manufacturing, construction, and in the service industries — that Americans will work for a fair wage.

I urge you to read the NAS report and act on its findings. Americans are being irreparably harmed by millions of foreign workers and Congress must act to reduce immigration to sustainable levels.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA