A couple of weeks ago, Democrats made a mockery of the House by sitting on the floor, whining — metaphorically holding their breath until they turned blue. Yet with Obama in the White House and Democrats holding supermajorities in the House and Senate in 2009-2010, the Democrats did nothing to pass gun control legislation, which they now falsely claim is vital to public safety.

In response, House Speaker Paul Ryan has given these petulant children exactly what they said they wanted: A vote to impose more gun control on law-abiding U.S. citizens in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

The House is epected to vote this week on anti-gun legislation (H.R. 5611) that is similar to bills that were already voted on in the Senate — a proposal that would allow Attorney General Loretta Lynch to impose a gun ban against people who have committed no crimes, but nevertheless, are on a government watch list.

Of course, the Orlando shooter was not on a “no fly,” “selectee,” or even a consolidated watch list.

He was exonerated by the FBI. He passed background checks. He bought his guns legally in a gun store. Every single gun control law that had been put in place to stop terrorists like him failed.

But there are two things that could have stopped him.

First, if the Pulse night club had NOT been a gun-free zone, lives could have been saved — as evidenced by concealed carriers who successfully protected lives last year at a Youngstown, Ohio, bar and, more recently, at a bar in South Carolina. Of course, anti-gun Democrats ignore examples of good people using their guns to stop mass shootings.

Second, we could have stopped all Muslim immigration as antithetical to a free society. Of course, Democrats ignore the fact that the Orlando gunman openly admitted he was killing in support of ISIS.

Not only do they IGNORE the terror connection, radicals like Barack Obama continue to move heaven and earth to import hundreds of embedded terrorists who simply cannot be properly vetted, with Hillary Clinton vowing to continue — if not expand — those efforts.

Sadly, Obama has been able to enlist help from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — and now, House Speaker Paul Ryan — to make the recent Orlando tragedy “about guns,” rather than about the growing terror threat within our borders.

Obviously, it’s not about guns, but making it so only energizes Hillary’s political purposes going into the election.

Make no mistake about it: None of the gun control proposals that will be voted on this week is constitutional.

And while they are all aimed at stopping GUN PURCHASES — thus restricting Second Amendment rights — none of them is aimed at stopping potential terrorists who buy a truckload of fertilizer (as in Oklahoma City) or box cutters (as on 9-11).

Any gun control will concede Obama’s argument that “guns are the problem,” and will position the anti-gun Left for its next set of gun control demands.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA