Responding to your posting of an article with accompanying video about a melee after a concert, Apple Valley Town Marketing & Public Affairs Officer Kathie Martin said, “Please know that our number one goal is the safety and security of our community …” (“Brawl at Apple Valley Concert Series leads to three teens arrested,” Victor Valley News Group, June 24, 2016).

According to figures from the Town of Apple Valley, in 1988 Apple Valley had 41,387 residents, and 6 police personnel. By 2013, the population had increased 67 percent to 69,135, but the number of law enforcement personnel had increased by 750 percent to 51.

During this time frame, the Town put up big signs at our boundaries that read, “We are building an inclusive community.” This is progressive-speak for “if you are the type of hard-working person who loves the desert enough to contribute to our community, we’re not interested in you … we want the wonderful diversity that comes from having criminals, slack-abouts, and n’er-do-wells flooding into our community.”

So when the Town tells you, “Please know that our number one goal is the safety and security of our community,” just know that this is eye-wash for those who are not paying attention. Kerry Henard has a series of videos on YouTube that show just the opposite. I urge every resident of Apple Valley to view them.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA