The AFL-CIO and other labor unions are opposing efforts to quadruple H-2B worker numbers as part of the upcoming FY2017 DHS appropriations bill. Please do all you can to support American workers and oppose these foreign worker increases.

The AFL-CIO has written a letter in opposition to the rumored H-2B increases:

“We strongly urge you to discontinue the harmful H-2B policy riders when you consider the FY17 funding bill, and to refrain from allowing any additional riders that would erode the program’s worker protections. The AFL-CIO opposes all ideological policy riders in appropriations bills; however, we want to specifically raise our objections to H-2B riders as they were among the very few included in last year’s omnibus bill.

“Thousands of our members work in industries that are top users of the H-2B seasonal worker program. These industries include landscaping, hospitality, and construction. Misuse of the H-2B program harms them by artificially depressing wages, transforming permanent work to temporary, driving down labor standards, and contributing to unemployment in these industries.”

The labor group opposes these H-2B increases because they are simply not needed. Instead of importing foreign workers and paying them a substandard wage, business owners should be recruiting unemployed Americans and paying them a fair wage.

Please do all you can to stop efforts to quadruple H-2B visa numbers as part of the FY2017 DHS appropriations bill.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Unions oppose H-2B increases. You should, too.