During an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, MSNBC host Chris Matthews accused Republican Congressional leaders of refusing to bring up mandatory E-Verify legislation because it would rob businesses of cheap labor. I hope you and your fellow Democrats will stand up for American workers by forcing a vote on mandatory E-Verify legislation so that businesses would be forced to hire unemployed Americans.

During the interview with Donald Trump, Matthews said:

“Why won’t these guys in your party pass it? Why won’t they ever pass something like that? … They don’t believe in it. In principle, if you hire someone illegally to save money on labor … You are basically encouraging illegal immigration … Ryan won’t even bring it up on the floor. They talk a lot about illegal immigration and they want to play these games. They like the cheap labor… The regular business guys don’t want it, but the corporate leaders want the cheap labor … The way to stop illegal immigration is to stop illegal hiring … It makes economic sense.”

Chris Matthews is absolutely right. As long as businesses are not prevented from hiring illegal labor, illegal immigration will continue and American workers will be unable to find work. I hope the Democrats will step up on this issue and force Republicans in Congress to hold a vote on mandatory E-Verify legislation.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA