DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson recently told a House panel that the influx of refugees from the Middle East creates a perfect opportunity for terrorists to enter the United States. Please pass H.R. 4731, the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act, which would reform the refugee program and increase its security.

Secretary Johnson told the House Homeland Security Committee on March 16:

“In all candor, I do agree that the refugee flow coming out of Iraq and Syria represents a potential opportunity for terrorist organizations to move its members into other nations for potential attacks. So I agree that there is that potential …”

The attacks in Paris and elsewhere highlight the need to secure our country’s refugee system and ensure terrorists are not admitted. Please do all you can to pass H.R. 4731, legislation that would allow for recurrent vetting of refugees and prevent DHS from waiving admissibility requirements.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. When talking about “gun control” for American citizens, Barack Obama says background checks do not work. When talking about admitting tens of thousands of foreign refugees, however, Obama says that a background check will protect our country. Clearly, he is wrong on both counts.