Labor Day provides the nation the opportunity to reflect on the hard work performed by all Americans. With this in mind how can the Congress continue to allow employers to employ 8 million illegal alien workers and push for more foreign workers when 17 million Americans are without a full-time job?

The unemployment data for certain areas of our society is very disheartening and depressing. The July 2015 unemployment rate for African-American men was 8.7 percent, and the labor force participation rate was only 67.4 percent. The unemployment rate for workers with less than a high school diploma was 8.2 percent, and their labor force participation rate was a mere 45.3 percent. The unemployment rate for 16-19 year-olds is 14.4 percent, and they have a labor force participation rate of 44.1 percent.

How can anyone, particularly Members of Congress, look at these numbers and say that mass immigration (both legal and illegal) doesn’t harm America’s most vulnerable? How can anyone in Congress call for more immigration and work permits for illegal aliens?

Please honor America’s workers this Labor Day weekend by working to reduce immigration numbers.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA