Please ensure that Loretta Lynch understands that immigration laws exist to protect a country’s workers. And ask her to pledge that she will enforce immigration laws passed by Congress so that Americans don’t have to compete for jobs with foreign citizens who have overstayed visitor visas or crossed our borders illegally.

The Attorney General nominee’s comments on these matters before the Senate Judiciary Committee were not reassuring.

She was asked who has more of a right to a job in this country, an illegal immigrant or U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. She refused to give priority to Americans, saying that all individuals in the United States “regardless of their status — I would prefer that they be participating in the workplace.”

She and a Justice Department official later indicated that illegal aliens do not have a right to U.S. jobs if they lack a work permit. But if a President chooses to give illegal aliens work permits they apparently have rights equal to those of Americans to U.S. jobs, in nominee Lynch’s view. Given ample opportunity before the committee, she declined to disagree with the ability of a President to ignore the will of Congress and give work permits to millions of illegal aliens to compete directly with struggling American workers.

Will you demand that the next Attorney General recognize the role that immigration policy has in protecting American workers from foreign labor competition, especially in this time of declining real wages and the lowest labor participation rates in decades? Will you demand that the next Attorney General enforce immigration laws on the books to the fullest extent possible?

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA