In your op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, you talk about this Congress being an “opportunity to help struggling middle-class Americans who are clearly frustrated by an increasing lack of opportunity,” One way that goal can be accomplished is by defunding Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty and curbing the high rates of immigration into the U.S.

Currently, 18 million Americans want a full-time job, but can’t find one. These Americans strive to be part of the middle-class, but our current immigration polices are driving them down. The U.S. grants more than 1 million work permits per year under current immigration policy. Allowing millions more to receive work permits through Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty would increase the competition for new jobs and keep wages stagnant.

According to a study from the Center for Immigration Studies, nearly all job growth since 2000 has gone to immigrant workers. While the number of working-age immigrant workers increased by more than 5 million between 2000 and 2014, the number of working-age, native-born Americans remained flat. Further, a poll conducted of this year’s midterm voters by “The Polling Company/WomanTrend” found that 80% of people believe that jobs created by the resurgent economy should be given to American workers. The poll also found that 74% of people want President Obama to work with Congress, and not bypass it with executive actions, on immigration.

To give our struggling middle-class a clean shot at finding a good job, I urge you to limit new legal immigration and defund the President’s executive amnesty.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA