I am glad that House Republicans voted in favor of H.R. 5272. President Obama should not be able to amnesty illegal aliens at will. A new poll highlighted by Politico shows that most Americans support this legislation.

President Obama’s executive actions to amnesty illegal aliens have had a negative impact on American workers, and the poll shows that American voters understand this and oppose his actions. Respondents were asked if American workers should have the chance to fill jobs currently held by illegal aliens, and 81% of voters said they should. Included in this number are 73% of Hispanic voters and 82% of independents.

The president’s granting of amnesty via executive action leads to more job competition and the inevitability that American and legal immigrant workers will continue to be squeezed out of the work force. American voters understand this, which is why 74% of voters oppose his executive actions.

I am glad that House Republicans have taken concrete action to stop these executive actions. Amnestying illegal aliens only leads to more unemployment for American workers.

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Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA