Sen. Ted Cruz is circulating a letter asking Majority Leader Reid not to call a lame duck session of Congress in order to pass controversial pieces of legislation. I hope you will sign this letter.

In his letter, Sen. Cruz writes:

“Yet some lawmakers in Washington have recently suggested that significant legislative matters would deliberately not be addressed during the 113th Congress until after the elections. Presumably, a lame-duck session would be used to try to pass partisan, unpopular bills in November or December that might be indefensible before the federal election on November 4th. Members of Congress, the theory goes, might then be able to vote for sweeping legislation on immigration, corporate cronyism, tax increases, spending increases, and other such matters without any fear of voter accountability this year.’

If this were to be done, it would be underhanded and an affront to democracy. Please sign Sen. Cruz’s letter and send this message to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA