The House recently voted against President Obama’s expansion of executive amnesties. Do you support the House bill to block the president’s executive amnesty program and will you demand it receive a vote in the Senate?

The Washington Post is reporting that the Obama administration is preparing to move forward with an executive action that would grant amnesty and work permits to 5-6 million illegal aliens. The president’s current DACA program, and the message it sends, is responsible for the current border surge and the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have come across the border in search of amnesty. If President Obama expands his program, how many more will try to come to our country illegally?

The House-passed bill to defund DACA must be passed by the Senate. If it isn’t, the problem will only continue to grow. Please support the bill and tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid you want a vote to stop President Obama’s amnesty agenda.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA