I think Dave Brat’s winning message is a positive one for the GOP and can help it to win future elections. Brat won by attacking businesses that are using foreign workers to drive down American wages and put U.S. workers out of jobs.

After winning his primary, Brat said:

”[Immigration] captures that fission between main street and wall street. It’s clear that [Washington is] doing this for the Chamber of Commerce and they want cheap labor and an expanded workforce and that’s going to lower wages for everyone else.”

Brat’s message resonated with middle class voters, many of whom accuse Republicans of being tone deaf, because it touched on one of their main concerns: unemployment. 18 million Americans cannot find a full-time job and wages are declining, yet corporate America wants to bring in even more foreign workers to drive down wages. This is not what Americans want because it simply isn’t in our best interests.

Republicans can capitalize on this message by passing legislation to cut foreign worker numbers.

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Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA