I hope every taxpayer saves this article (“Learning English,” Daily Press, February 15, 2014) for the next election where school crusaders come crying for more money “for the children.”

Darrell Nickolaisen provides the perfect example of what has gone so terribly wrong with our school system. From what I can tell, more than 50 cents of every state dollar goes to education, yet California ranks near the bottom in student achievement. Nickolaisen has the answer, though: Spend more money to educate adults who are in the country illegally, so their illegal-alien children can continue so soak up more of our education resources in college! I’m guessing that Nickolaisen would also be in favor of schools feeding foreigners and their parents. After all, it’s not his money. Maybe we should house them, too, so they will have someplace where they can receive their EBT cards, tax refunds, Medicaid, and free cell phones. It’s for the kids!

Other than the lunacy of feeding and educating anyone from other countries as long as they can somehow get to California and avoid deportation, one has to wonder if Nickolaisen is ever going to uphold his oath of office (I assume he took one, because I certainly did before AVUSD would let me near kids on campus)?

If not, maybe some enterprising attorney should put together a RICO suit against the school system under 8 USC Section 1324, for harboring, aiding, and abetting illegal aliens. You see, it’s against the law to do what Nickolaisen proposes.

Of course, if government entities at every level would simply enforce the immigration laws that are already on record, none of this would be necessary.