Supporting the Sessions amendment to S. 1845, the unemployment benefits extension bill, is the most important action Congress can take to provide relief to jobless Americans. I hope you will support it.

The purpose of the unemployment extension legislation is to help Americans who cannot find jobs. Currently, more than 20 million Americans cannot find a full-time job. In addition to requiring employers to run new hires through the Chamber of Commerce-approved E-Verify system, mandating it’s use would gently move illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs. Over time, the 7 million illegal aliens in non-agricultural jobs would be replaced by unemployed Americans and legal workers.

I hope you will support Sen. Sessions’ amendment to the S. 1845. Doing so will result in fewer Americans being unemployed, which should be every American’s goal.

Phone me if you would like to talk about this.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

P.S. Unlike, E-Verify is in place and is working. We should be using it!